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New Story – Fucked By The Pool Guy

Fucked By The Pool Guy book cover

Welcome to February!

“18-year-old Cassie is enjoying an afternoon of naked sunbathing in her garden when she is unexpectedly interrupted by the man who has come to clean the pool. When she sees how he’s been enjoying the sight of her naked body, however, she decides to give him an afternoon to remember.

This story contains voyeurism, masturbation, oral sex and graphic sexual content between two adults.

4332 words. “

I seem to have gotten a bit sidetracked, haven’t I? Instead of lesbian threesomes, I’m writing barely legal teens getting into all sorts of sexy hijinxs. What’s more, Cassie actually seems to be becoming a fixture of mine for the time being – I’ve already got plans for further stories of her adventures at college…

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New Story – Car Wash Quickie

Just in time for the end of January is my newest story, Car Wash Quickie, and my first M/M story to boot.

Car Wash Quickie book cover

“It’s a hot day at the car wash where Daniel works, and he’s got his eye on the new employee Toby. When the offer of applying sun lotion becomes too much to resist, though, things get even hotter between them! ”

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Of course the end of the month is here and I’m finally getting into the flow of things and keeping up with everything (and everyone). February should see me being able to post about more than just story releases.

Now, off to write some F/F/F…