Hello and welcome to my new blog. I’m Suzi, or at least that’s the name it says on my books, and this is my blog.

To share a little about me: I’m 32 and I live in the UK with my other half and my two cats, and I write erotic fiction. Actually, to be exact I’m still something of a beginner in that area, having only gotten one story published and another one being worked on so far, but everyone has to start somewhere.

In the past I’ve also worked on phone sex lines, which was quite, quite different to actually writing porn (for one thing, you don’t get nearly as much time to think up the right word to use when you’re sex-talking on the phone with someone), but it did give me a good few ideas for stories which I hope to get into print at some point in the future. I also discovered that I really, really like talking and writing dirty.

I’ll be using this blog to publicise whenever I have a story published, as well as to occasionally put down thoughts about the whole smut writing thing. I do hope you enjoy it.